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Eric Lofholm, an esteemed expert in sales, has imparted his proven systems to numerous professionals worldwide. As the President and CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., he established an organization dedicated to providing comprehensive training on the art and science of selling.

Eric's impressive sales background, which includes collaborating with Tony Robbins and sharing the stage with renowned speakers at the Get Motivated Seminars, has enabled him to develop programs that empower individuals to make significant improvements in all aspects that contribute to their income and overall happiness.

If you want to make a substantial impact on your audience or sales team, consider hiring Eric as a speaker for your group. He will help inspire and transform individuals in a meaningful way.

Tom Koster met Eric Lofholm in 2007 at a seminar in Scottsdale Arizona and became a client right away. A few year later he asked Eric if it would be okay to translate part of Eric's work into Dutch. Eric agreed. Since then Tom and Eric have joint ventured in writing a book together titeled: "21 ways to create revenue now". Tom even became initial trainer of Eric Lofholm International's trainer program in 2016. Tom is located in The Netherlands and works with clients all over Europe helping them with sales and client acquisition.